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Mountain Loop Mine Dumping

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Dirt and Yard Recycled Products

Dump your dirt and strippings at our non-hazardous waste facility or pick up recycled dirt and gravel.

Dumping (Prices per Ton)


You can dump your recycling products at our stockyard.

Mountain Loop Mine
26709 Mountain Loop Hwy
Granite Falls, WA 98252

  • Gates close at 4:00 PM.
  • No dumping unless taking out an equivalent amount of product.
  • After hours dumps are extra and must be prearranged. Call the office at (360) 805-5283.
  • Not a permitted recycling facility for concrete and asphalt.

  • Attn: Estimators, Billing & Dispatch:

    Thank you for your business. We would like to remind you of a few company policies:

  • All bids need to be sent to our office first

    To reduce confusion on job orders or pricing, you can use the form above or call the office at (360) 805-5283. If they are not sent through the office, we will not be able to bill you at the correct price. If you have already quoted a job at different prices please contact us immediately. This is to ensure you get the prices for previously quoted jobs.

  • Dump Prices

    Do not forget our dump prices are based on yards, and we figure that by axel count, NOT by the amount you have in the truck, as detailed on this page.

  • Dumping Protocol

    Drivers need to call out the product by number to ensure they get the correct product. We have these located at the scale house. If you would like a copy to hand out please let us know. Drivers are responsible for making sure all paperwork matches and making changes if load info given to us does not match what is dumped. Example: Driver says "Clean dirt" but then has concrete in load. We notify driver to change ticket to "dirt with concrete." Drivers must stay on channel 7 the entire time in pit!

Questions? Contact us and we will help you out.